Excitement, danger, and self-discovery come back to Rock and Roll. . . 

The universe of Phoul Phill Andt Guill (pronounced ‘foul fill andt gwill’) culminates from the backwash of sounds associated with the less publicized facets of life – those things people are curious about but dare not tell anyone else they were intrigued with them. They weave together engaging stories of odd characters’ experiences in the three primary stages of any profound situation: First, intrigue spurs confusion. Second, acceptance erodes doubt. Third, decisiveness arouses enlightenment. The band exudes a self-induced mantra of unique yet familiar, with unbridled guitar, melody-heavy bass lines, and a vast range of vocal and percussive dynamics. It is an aural adventure.

Originating and residing currently in Cincinnati, Ohio, the band was founded by the Brothers Phoul – Phill Phoul (guitar and low-end vocals) and Guill Phoul (vocals). Friends since the summer of 1985 and never playing music for twenty-two years, they came together on one grand idea – to compose songs that crafted a fantasy with no boundaries or expectations they wanted to dwell in, and to keep the gateway open to that fantasy for anyone who wanted to be part of it.

Their music began to display an interstellar web of personal discovery, cultural enlightenment, and fulfillment of unconstrained experimentation. The duo recruited a high school teacher named Derrick to play bass and a Casio keyboard with drum beats to complete a nine-track self-titled album, but it was never released. However, as their music, which has been described as cosmic anomalous rock by fans, grew, three new members joined – Van Blarph, slaying bass, Wett Dreamm fingering slick-slide guitar, and Buddy Buttpiss, pounding the drums and percussion. Revered by the local underground punk scene and playing numerous shows with that rebellious, diverse crowd, Phoul Phill Andt Guill recorded in 2019 a thirteen-track LP titled Anomalous.

Armed with an album of the truest organic creation, Phoul Phill Andt Guill draws influence from Led Zeppelin, Beach Boys, Gram Parsons, Madonna, Queens of the Stone Age, Ween, Snoop Dog, and countless others. The band shares stories in which the restraints of human society and thought can be broken if belief in one’s abilities of working toward their desires can flourish.

Sex, Music, Fashion, Cosmic Purpose and Love — That is Phoul Phill Andt Guill.